Do you have a trial version?

No we do not offer a trial version. Doc.It is customized for your firms needs and we advise training before using it. We can arrange a live demo or discuss trials further under special circumstances, please contact [email protected]

Will Doc.It work with my other software programs?

The general answer to this question is yes. Our clients use accounting, tax, time and billing, bookkeeping and other types of software from all vendors in the channel. Every firm differs so if you would like to speak specific about the software applications being used in your firm, please connect with a Doc.It representative. [email protected]

What happens if I’m currently using a document storage/management software?

If you are using an existing software solution, we can convert the data and move it out of the existing solution and into Doc.It Suite. Typically there is a fee that varies on your firm size and the amount of documents. Talk to us about your current issues, email: [email protected]

What happens with my “old” documents?

There are many options to this answer, contact us to get into specifics [email protected]

If you are paper-based you can choose to scan old documents in (“back-scanning”) or put a “marker in the sand” and manage documents digitally moving forward.

If you are using Windows Explorer you can choose to move old documents into Doc.It or put a “marker in the sand” and manage documents digitally moving forward. We might be able to assist here.