Integrations & Partners

Our product integrations and partnerships ensure your firm can continue to manage documents in their native format.


Our product integrations and partnerships ensure engagement information is available when you need it and wherever you need it, wether you are at the office or on the go.


Doc.It is the most integrated document management software into CaseWare, which is why almost 60% of our clients also use CaseWare. Our CaseWare relationship dates back to 2001. With over 10 points of integration, we help your firm enhance the way you use CaseWare resulting in increased productivity



  1. Here is a list of CaseWare Integration points that Doc.It helps with
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  3. 10-minute video highlight CaseWare integration points


Doc.It Integrates with DocuSign eSignature providing a complete solution for business processes that require secure digital signatures on critical documents, such as 8879s and T183’s while adding additional value through process automation and a complete audit history. DocuSign includes Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA). While in Doc.It, simply right-click to send a document to DocuSign and once it gets signed, the signed copy will automatically appear back in Doc.It in the location you sent it from.


Check out this short video highlighting our DocuSign Integration

Microsoft Outlook

Doc.It® Suite integrates to Microsoft Outlook allowing for a simple drag and drop of email files into the Doc.It® Work Binder. The email message file and attachments appear in the Doc.It® Work Binder as separate files so that files can be worked on immediately. Emails of files can be sent via Microsoft Outlook from anywhere in Doc.It. This two-way integration ensures efficiency and simple control of engagement-related documents. Outlook emails can also be previewed inside Doc.It without the need to double-click to open the .msg file.

Microsoft Office

In addition to Outlook, Doc.It® Suite integrates with all other MS Office products like Excel and Word providing simple drag and drop. The files are previewed saving the need to open them. Users can also create Word or Excel documents from directly within Doc.It. All Office files are natively searchable.

Tax Returns

Regardless of what tax software you are using Doc.It can “auto-file” your tax returns for you. Simply digitally print your tax return from your tax software and Doc.It will recognize the client of the return and the version of the return and automatically file it away into the preselected folder location; a Work Binder, the long term storage, or to the Doc.It Portal. This can be done in mass and is an easy one-step integration to get your tax returns into your document management software. When your client calls, there is no need to jump from program to program as all documents will be stored in one place.


Auto-filing integration works the following applications but is not limited to this list: UltaTax, GoSystem Tax CCH ProSystem fx Tax, CCH Axcess Tax, Lacerte, ProSeries, Drake, TaxCycle, ETC. Auto-filing also works to file documents and reports, that are of a consistent nature, from most software systems.

Check out this 6-minute video on our auto-filing works

Other Desktop Applications

Doc.It® Suite also works with all other applications used by accountants including bookkeeping, time and billing, analytic software, and more.


Questions about the integration of Doc.It with your key software or are you interested in learning what software you currently use that will no longer be needed once Doc.It is in place? Please Contact sales.