Integrations & Partners

Our product integrations and partnerships ensure your firm can continue to manage documents in their native format.


Our product integrations and partnerships ensure engagement information is available when you need it and wherever you need it, wether you are at the office or on the go.


Doc.It Integrates with DocuSign eSignature providing a complete solution for business processes that require secure digital signatures on critical documents, while adding additional value through process automation and a complete audit history.

Wolters Kluwer [Formerly CCH]

Most firms prefer to keep using their key software for a number of reasons. While they might like the software for the most part, there may be challenges they deal with daily, or create work-arounds for to avoid change. Firms that use Wolters Kluwer [Formerly CCH] may like the product, but also may be plagued with common issues, all of which can be resolved with the addition of Doc.It Suite.

If you use Wolters Kluwer [Formerly CCH] and are interested in learning how the integration of Doc.It Suite will make a world of difference in your firm, download this article: Enhance the Performance of Wolters Kluwer [Formerly CCH] in 5 Key Areas

Microsoft Outlook

Doc.It® Suite integrates to Microsoft Outlook allowing for simple drag and drop of email files into the Doc.It® Work Binder. The email message file and attachments appear in the Doc.It® Work Binder as separate files, which allows for simple placement of each file into its appropriate folder. Emails of files can be sent via Microsoft Outlook from the Inbox, a Doc.It® Work Binder, or from the Doc.It® Archive. This two-way integration ensures efficiency and simple control of engagement-related documents.

Other Desktop Applications

Doc.It® Suite also works with all other applications used by accountants including bookkeeping, time and billing, analytic software, and more.

Tax Returns

Doc.It® Suite allows printing of tax returns directly into one’s Doc.It® Inbox. Users access the Inbox from the Doc.It® Main Dashboard and drag-and-drop files into a Doc.It® Work Binder.

Work Binder

During engagements of any type, Doc.It® Work Binder provides a single integrated location to manage and organize every document as they are collected or created. Unique software applications that calculate tax, trail balance, or bookkeeping documents may be launched from the Doc.It® Work Binder along all other documents including emails, MS Excel, MS Word and others. Documents produced by tax, trail balance, and bookkeeping applications are organized within the Doc.It® Work Binder for easy reference.


Doc.It® Suite can integrate to faxing appliances where documents appear in the Doc.It® Global Inbox, which is accessible to all Doc.It® Suite users. One can route a document from the Doc.It® Global Inbox, while providing instructions to other staff, or easily drag and drop it into a Doc.It® Work Binder.


Questions about the integration of Doc.It with your key software or are you interested in learning what software you currently use that will no longer be needed once Doc.It is in place? Please Contact sales.