Doc.It® Explore

Easy and affordable document management

Powerful document management without the complexity, Doc.It Explore is easy to implement and increases productivity immediately.  Get into document management at a comfortable pace, with Doc.It Explore. 

Doc.It Explore includes OCR/scanning, document check-in/check-out, and work binders help work teams get organized fast.   A full featured PDF editor allows you to annotate, bookmark, merge, link pages, append, and highlight documents – right in your Doc.It work area.

Achieve the efficiency gains in your firm with Doc.It Explore:

  • Work in an intuitive ‘digital workspace’ for any type of engagement.
  • Save time and costs related to paper, including paper, printing and the costs of employee time searching for documents and files.
  • Reduce the number and cost of tools. Starting at $20 per month, Explore compares very favorably with (and can replace) Adobe Acrobat DC.