The Product – Doc.It Suite

Doc.It Suite includes many modules to help with document management and workflow throughout a document’s lifecycle. Some customers choose to use all of the modules; some choose to use only a few. The choice is yours, the low monthly fee never changes based on how many or how few modules you use.

A common reason why practitioners choose Doc.It is because they are using many different solutions (tax, bookkeeping, audit, payroll, etc.) and Doc.It Suite is the one unifying software that pulls all these disparate software programs together. Doc.It Suite makes it far more efficient to work more productively with the software you choose as the most preferred tax, bookkeeping, payroll, or other software.

Watch these brief video clips to learn more about each of the modules included in Doc.It Suite.

Doc.It Suite Overview
Scan & Organize
Work Binders
PDF Editor
Web Portal
Document Storage

Access more information about each Doc.It Suite module on the Doc.It Suite Web page.