Do you have a trial version?
No we do not offer a trial version. Doc.It is customized for your firms needs and we advise training before using it.

Will Doc.It work with my other software programs?
The general answer to this question is yes. Our clients use accounting, tax, time and billing, bookkeeping and other types of software from all vendors in the channel. If you would like to speak about the software applications being used in your firm, please connect with a Doc.It representative.

What happens with my “old” documents?

  • If you are using an existing software solution, we can convert the data and move it out of the existing solution and into Doc.It Suite for a fee.
  • If you are not currently using a solution or if you are paper-based or storing in Windows Explorer folders, Doc.It would not be involved in the conversion. We can suggest the best way to handle this.

Can I access documents if I work from home or offsite?
Yes, there are various methods to access your documents from anywhere.

Does Doc.It have Time & Billing (T&B) tools?
Doc.It does not have a T&B application but it does integrate with your T&B software. You can also track time spent using the Doc.It Suite Workflow module. Practitioners using our software will print invoices/statements out of their T&B software to store in Doc.It Suite.

What if I have part-time/seasonal staff?
You only need to pay for part-time staff for the limited time they are using Doc.It Suite.

Do I have to use the whole product or can I use the parts I need?
Document management is the base product, you can opt to use this module alone or add any of the additional modules at no extra charge. You cannot use the Doc.It Web portal, Workflow or PDF Editor without implementing the base document management solution.

How does your product compare to competitors products?
Competitors offer a wide variety of products and features. Vendors vary in what they charge for licenses, installation, and training and upgrades post-installation.

It is our goal to help you fully understand our “no surprises” all-inclusive subscription model price. We will help you better understand the features, function and cost of our software compared to competitors.

What happens to our data if we choose to leave Doc.It?
You can leave Doc.It anytime and easily take your data with you.

How does billing work?
Doc.It invoices quarterly.

Where are documents stored?
On your server or in the cloud.