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Since adopting paperless practices, Harris & Partners staffing levels have remained the same even as they experienced a 40 percent uptick in business. Without Doc.It, I would have had to hire at least one person, and possibly 1.5.

With Doc.It technology in place, we ensure electronic files are being managed effectively. The benefits we experience go far beyond saving trees, including (1) Improved search capabilities, (2) a faster filing system, (3) decreased storage costs, (4) better customer service, (5) straightforward training, and (6) improving communication between offices.
The most expensive aspect of DM technology is not the actual cost of the software; it’s the amount of time and effort that you will invest setting up the process and defining the procedures, including training staff and converting files to the new DM system. We investigated DM systems from six major vendors, and chose Doc.It because their technology had the most flexibility and adaptability for our firm.
One of our biggest concerns prior to adopting Doc.It was that the archive store data in a format that would allow for long-term future access. This concern is not a factor with Doc.It because it uses PDF files for the purpose of retaining data in the Doc.It Archive.
Doc.It’s effect on operating efficiencies has been enormous.
Our paper cost is way down. Our ability to deliver a more quality product, we are much more timely, more efficient, and deliver a higher level of service to our clients.

We clearly have a huge advantage over other firms in our ability to attract and recruit talented staff. People come in and see our offices, and the way we are set up, we utilize this technology gives us the clear advantage. As far as clients are concerned, they come into our office and see how we embrace technology. They want creative, thinking firms, who are taking advantage of marketplace technology tools.
A blog posting on May 5th, 2011, posted by a Doc.It customer, Deanna Pickering, Grooms & Harkins, P.C.:

Update to the events of May 3rd, 2011: On Tuesday, May 3, 2011 a pickup truck traveling at or near 70 mph crashed into the side of our office building after hitting and killing a young man on the sidewalk a block up the street. I cannot attest to the events leading up to the crash, only to the events subsequent to the truck coming to rest in the middle of our office. There are currently 14 people who work for our firm. Seven of them were in Continuing Professional Education (CPE), one was on vacation, one was on personal time, I was at a board meeting off site, and four employees were in their offices working...

I have never had the misfortune of being in a tornado, but I now have some small sense of what it must feel like to clean up. A heating element along the wall was destroyed which released water into the office until the firemen crimped the pipes to turn it off. It wasn’t a huge amount of water, but enough to create stench and muck when combined with fluids from the truck. We are so fortunate to be a paperless office where the majority of our clients’ information is maintained digitally rather than in paper form…The office is cleaned up and the debris is gone. The majority of our office is fine and we should be up and running today if all goes as planned.

Read Deanna Pickering’s full-length blog posting
Gallery of photos showing the destruction caused by this fatal accident
Doc.It is now part of our culture. I use it, oh, about every 2 to 3 minutes!!
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