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Doc.It® Suite Overview

Making firms more efficient and effective

Doc.It® Suite is a powerful and scalable full suite of document management products for accounting firms of all sizes. Doc.It® Suite streamlines workflow as firms gather, process, store, and deliver documents. Doc.It® Suite is used by over 10,000 accountants throughout North America.

Doc.It® Suite Main Dashboard
Main Dashboard
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Doc.It® leads the industry with the most powerful and effective workflow and document management interface. With Doc.It®'s Main Dashboard, everyone has access to work tasks, Doc.It® Suite client Work Binders, documents, the Doc.It® Archive, and a complete set of fully-integrated tools.


Doc.It® Suite, installed by the industry’s finest experts, is fully-integrated into your technical environment whether hosted on-premise or on a hosted infrastructure. Our implementation professionals have a keen understanding of the different disciplines that accounting firms require to meet the demands of their clients, firm policy, regulators and the legal standards in North America.


The Doc.It® Inbox is your temporary storage location and routing utility for all printed or scanned PDFs. Documents can be sent to co-workers, Doc.It® Work Binders, other binder systems (i.e., CaseWare, fx Engagement) or to the secure Doc.It® Archive. The Inbox contains useful utilities for quickly manipulating and assembling PDFs.

Doc.It® Scan and Organize
Doc.It® Scan and Organize
Scan and Organize

Doc.It® Suite includes scan and optical character recognition (OCR) support for all types of scanners with built-in features to ensure the accuracy of scanned documents. As documents are gathered, Doc.It®'s Advanced Forms Recognition (AFR) technology identifies, names, and organizes an unlimited number of document types.

Training & Support

The training begins with Doc.It® industry experts who actively work with offices, experiencing firsthand the day-to-day operations of accounting firms. Our trainers provide a theoretical understanding of the aspects of document management and then progress to review Doc.It® Suite configurations tailored specifically for your needs.

Our trainers are experts in the process and technology of managing documents. Training participants are introduced to business processes and best practices of workflow and document management. Firm-wide training ensures these processes and best practices are shared with and known by all.

Upon the completion of training, firms have work systems in place for personal tax preparation, business valuation, tax planning, bookkeeping and payroll services. These systems are configured to ensure digital routing of assignments and management control of all types of client work including work performed in software applications outside of Doc.It® Suite.

Doc.It provides customers with an extensive library of free web-based training videos for new staff orientation and review.

Doc.It Web-based Training Videos

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For a detailed list of information on system requirements, or if you have questions, please contact you salesperson or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Policy Manager

Doc.It®'s Policy Manager ensures uniformity across the firm by applying the firm's file naming and location policy to all documents as they are gathered and then prepared for storage.

Doc.It® Work Binder
Doc.It® Work Binder
Work Binders
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The Doc.It® Suite client Work Binders organize documents of all types and formats. Documents are gathered and launched from within the Doc.It® Work Binder in their native file format. Doc.It® Work Binders provide staff and partners immediate access to all of the documents needed to complete work tasks.

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Doc.It® Suite is designed for workflow for every engagement type. Doc.It® Suite automates workflow by showing the status of a document or binder which informs the next-in-line a task was completed. Doc.It®'s powerful Main Dashboard interface provides seamless integration with an entire suite of tools. Stay on top of workflow using the new Doc.It® Binder Explorer to monitor due dates, route or reroute work, and oversee staff workload to identify issues before they occur.

Cloud + Mobile
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Doc.It® Suite is cloud-enabled with mobile features allowing access to work and the delivery of client documents anytime, from anywhere. Being cloud- and mobile-enabled provides access to conveniently browse and deliver documents while on the go from your laptop, iPad, or Android tablet.

PDF Editor
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Doc.It®'s PDF Editor is used to annotate, bookmark, merge, link pages, append, and highlight documents. Users can also easily run an electronic calculator tape and apply hundreds of accounting-specific tick marks.

Doc.It® PDF Editor
Doc.It® PDF Editor
Document Archive
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The Doc.It® Archive is where firms store fully-indexed, bookmarked PDF files, independent of the engagement's originating software. Easily send a copy of any document from the Doc.It® Archive to clients using the integrated Doc.It® Web Portal or email. Your firm retains complete control of your data, and you can easily migrate your data should you change vendors or if a partner leaves.

Doc.It® Archive
Doc.It® Archive
Document Publishing
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When an engagement is complete, Doc.It®'s publishing tool makes a PDF snapshot of all documents associated with an engagement and combines them into a single fully-indexed, bookmarked PDF as a complete record of the finalized engagement. Published PDFs are managed in the Doc.It® Archive.