Training & Implementation for Small Firms

Our experience working with firms with 1-10 employees has revealed the most effective and least cost-prohibitive method of training through the use of online group training classes. You experience training alongside an audience of your peers who most likely have a lot of the same questions and operating procedures as you have in your firm.

Training occurs for two- to three hours per week, for six consecutive weeks. The first few training sessions teach you about customizing Doc.It Suite to work for your firm in the way you need it to work. It is this customization that makes the software most effective for your environment and users. The final training session includes a full day of staff training. Our Doc.It Suite training is led by a CPA who shares best practices with document management and workflow to ensure your customized process is as efficient as possible.

The implementation of Doc.It Suite, starting with the first training class to using Doc.It Suite in your firm for daily work, is approximately eight weeks long.

View a sample training and implementation schedule for small accounting firms.