Document Management, Workflow and Document Storage Software Provider

Doc.It Suite makes firms more efficient and effective as they gather, process, store and deliver documents. We are uniquely positioned as value-priced best-of-breed full suite of software designed specifically for accountants.

Doc.It® has established a long-standing presence in the market providing a full suite of document management products that meets the needs of firms of all sizes due to our leadership philosophy of customer-guided software development.

Doc.It® has experienced leadership, which ensures long-term staying power and support for expansion throughout North America. Doc.It®’s leadership team, with support and guidance from their executive board, believe in strategic growth and maintaining the perpetual culture of customer care.

Our History

Doc.It® was founded in 2001, built by accountants for accountants. Doc.It® Suite is used by accountants throughout North America. Doc.It®’s software and system is tailored to the unique needs of the accounting industry we serve. Doc.It® is solely focused on providing software solutions to North American accounting firms and their practitioners.

Our Culture

We have a culture of customer care. We include live support, online support, ongoing training and self-help via our video and knowledgebase library.

Doc.It’s professional services staff members have honed their expertise working with accounting offices throughout North America and through consulting with accounting channel thought-leaders. Doc.It’s team members are highly qualified experts in the process and technology of managing documents in an accounting practice.

We proactively develop Doc.It Suite according to market trends and needs. Our software development is guided based on input from our customer base and accounting professional thought leaders.

Our Customers

Doc.It® provides customers with a comprehensive yet intuitive software application making them more efficient and effective when serving their clients.

Doc.It serves professional accountants working in firms of all sizes. We pride ourselves on treating our clients as partners, rather than trainees.

  • Our training professionals are involved with you from pre-sale to project completion and beyond.
  • Our technical team will work with you to scope requirements.
  • Our Client Solutions team will work with you during your evaluation process until you are fully trained and using the system.
  • Our Customer Care team provides ongoing support of technical and procedural assistance to ensure that you have the support that you need over time. We serve you with phone, chat and videos, and more to ensure that you are served in the medium of your choice. Our support hours are extended during tax season to better serve your seasonal needs.

We take a holistic approach to your business to equip all users with the confidence and tools to succeed.

  • We consider all business activities, document lifecycles and the landscape of existing technologies.
  • We provide best practices that firms can build upon.

We will work within your technology infrastructure and your office culture to assure easy adoption and ongoing time savings.

We are a full suite of document management products that will solve most of your document management, workflow and efficiency problems.

Take advantage of the free resources we provide on our website and learn whether the challenges you are facing today are similar to the challenges our software resolved for others.

Brock Philp
President & CEO